Say Goodbye to Living Life in a Rut...Say Hello to Happiness and Joy!

By this point in your life, you probably thought you'd "have it all together."
That you'd feel confident, clear, and in charge of life.
That you'd no longer compare yourself to others... No longer feel less than and not good enough.
That you wouldn't be burnt out every day. You wouldn't feel depressed, or unhappy, or stuck.

You don't want to look back a year from now wondering where another year has gone.You know you're here for awesomeness so it's time to get out of the rut.

Welcome to Happiness Habits - the course that teaches you to make Happiness a Habit. Research shows that happiness is a choice – you just need to learn what will make YOU happy. By completing the Happiness Habits course you will have the tools to increase positivity and joy, know your personal strengths and how to use them for more success, identify your passions and take action toward living them, flip negative self-talk into self-love and more.
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Welcome to Happiness Habits

Introductory Video

Course Structure

You'll get a coaching video and corresponding workbook for each of the 10 Happiness Habits to learn the keys to women's happiness!

  • Habit 1: Hope - Ignite (or re-ignite) hope and learn how to use hope to achieve your desires, dreams and goals.

  • Habit 2: Positivity - Become the most positive person you know by learning the core positive emotions and how to leverage them in your life!

  • Habit 3: Pleasure and Joy - Identify your real desires and learn how to embody joy and pleasure, which is critical to women's well-being!

  • Habit 4: Mindset - Mindset controls feelings and behaviors, so learn how to be optimistic and shift your thinking to "can do" possibility!

  • Habit 5: Strengths - Become more confident by learning how to identify what's best about you and identify ways to use your strengths for success!

  • Habit 6: Self-Love - No more self-criticism! Learn how to use self-compassion, self-love, and loving your body to feel content and confident!

  • Habit 7: Relationships - Learn how to have healthy, nourishing, and nurturing relationships that enhance your life!

  • Habit 8: Pursue Your Dreams - Why are you here? What do you really desire? Dive into your hidden and true dreams to elevate your life!

  • Habit 9: Lifting Others Up - How to live your purpose of elevating others to be their best selves, including how to boost anyone's day and your own!

  • Habit 10: Habits - How to create lasting habits that make change for life so that you live your best self and are a role model for others to do the same!

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